What is needed for a good pair of tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis?

To the tennis players who are suffering from plantar fasciitis, getting the right shoes is important to avoid worsening plantar fascia condition. The best shoes for plantar fasciitis should have good comfort, support and stability. In order to choose the tennis shoes that meet above requirements, you should take 6 factors below into consideration.

Heel support

best shoes for plantar fasciitis

The foot and especially the heel have to withstand the whole weight of our body. To the tennis players who have a lot of strong and quick movements, the pressure on heel is even bigger. Therefore, the heel will suffer serious plain from plantar fasciitis. That is the reason why a good pair of tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis should have good heel support and adequate padding to give the heel ultimate comfort. Strong support from the shoes will ease the negative effect of plantar fasciitis on heels.

Arch support

Plantar fasciitis occurs when the plantar fascia which is the ligament that connects the toes and heel is strained and inflamed. Hence, shoes for plantar fasciitis should provide good support to the arch in order to support the plantar fascia properly and alleviate the stress on it. In addition, the midsole and insole should have shock absorption features, so the fascia ligaments are free from harmful impact.


Cushioning plays a significant role in the overall comfort of tennis shoes. Cushioning is good and needed but the more necessary thing is a reasonable deal of cushioning. Excessive cushioning may reduce the breathability and relaxation of the shoes.

Firm Toe Section

Since tennis players tend to fold their feet a lot when playing. When the foot is folded, the plantar fascia will be strained and resulting in pain. Soft toe section would create more pressure on toes as well as fascia ligaments. This kind of pressure would worsen the condition of plantar fasciitis. Therefore, a firm toe section is necessary to create good balance, support and keep an appropriate the folding angle.

Stiff Outer Sole

To the plantar fasciitis patient, balance and stability are also vital because they could help to provide proper walking and running form, and as a result, relieve pain and improve condition of plantar fascia. Hence, the outer sole of tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis should be stiff enough to make sure tennis players always feel balanced and stable even during strong running steps.

Shock Absorption Mechanism

To avoid plantar fascia being strained more from outside impact, shock absorption is indispensable in tennis shoes. Understand this fact, shoes makers have invented plenty of shock absorption mechanism through various parts of the shoes such as insole, midsole, cushioning… And it’s recommended to check shock absorption features before buying tennis shoes.

Besides the additional factors mention above, you also have to check for other basic requirements for a good pair of shoes such as fit, price… Furthermore, it’s advised to buy tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis from well-known and trustworthy brands because they will always ensure good quality and it’s definitely not a good idea to risk your plantar fascia on some unknown brands with unknown quality.