Baseball equipment bag buying guides

Together with the rising popularity of baseball, the number of gears which baseball players have to carry is also increasing. And most of those gears are expensive and requires to be taken care properly. It leads to the need to have a good baseball equipment bag. There are a lot of articles and guidelines on how to choose the best baseball bat or equipment but there is just a few ones mentioning baseball equipment bag buying guides. This article will list out 5 main factors that you should take into consideration when buying a baseball equipment bag

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Types of bag

There are many ways to classify baseball equipment bat; but based on carrying styles, there are 4 main types.

Shoulder strap

As the name says it all, this type of bag has a long strap to hang over the shoulder. Most bags of this type also have handle, so you also can carry it by hands like handheld bags. Shoulder strap bags are quite convenient if you don’t have to carry many balls and bats.

Handheld bag

Handheld bag has similar design to duffel bag. You can carry it around by holding its two straps on the top of the bag. This bag is more suitable to players who have a lot of balls and bats to carry.


Basically, baseball backpack is liked school backpack of students. Although its capacity is limited, the weigh is distributed evenly on player’s shoulder. This type of bat is new and preferred by youth players.

Wheeled bag

This type of baseball bag is equipped with small wheels, so you can pull/ push it with just a little effort. Wheeled bags are more expensive and bulky than the others but it’s the perfect choice for people who have to carry lot of heavy gears such as coach or catcher.

Choosing which type of baseball equipment bags mostly depends on your reference, you can choose the bag that is easy to use, enough to carry all of your equipment and convenient for you. Nowadays, shoulder bags are choice of many players.


Material is the main factor that decides the durability of the bags. It’s recommended to choose the bags that have 2 layers. The outer layer should be made from durable material that can withstand harsh outdoor environment while inner layer should be soft enough not to cause scratch or harm you expensive equipment.


It’s a waste if you buy a baseball equipment bag but it can’t carry all of your equipment. Therefore, it’s important to think of how many baseball gears you have to carry around and choose a bag that has enough capacity. Besides, it’s more convenient for you to select bags with additional pockets to store your belongings such as gloves and water bottles.


Price of baseball equipment bags widely varies from 30 USD to hundreds dollars. It’s not really necessary to buy an expensive baseball bags which are out of your budget but a cheap bags might be not durable and too small. Therefore, firstly, you should decide your budget and then choose bags which price falls in mid-range.

Customer Reviews

It’s never excessive to look at opinions and reviews of people who used baseball equipment bags. Those reviews are reliable and useful information for you to know how quality of a certain bag is, which you can’t know by just checking the bags in stores. Nowadays, internet provides us enormous source of information, so it only takes you a few minutes to find those reviews from others. Therefore, make sure that you get adequate information before deciding which bag to buy.

Baseball equipment bags seem to be not-so-important item to baseball players; but in fact, everyplayer should have a high-quality bag in order to store and protect their expensive equipment properly. By carefully considering 5 factors above, you probably can select a good baseball equipment bag for yourself.